ManiacBallManiacBall is a game in the tradition of Breakout and Arkanoid, some of you may even remember the game Krakout (back on the C64). You have to hit bricks with a ball and can use a paddle to control the ball and keep it inside the playfield area. Some bricks may hide usefull extras inside like an extra-ball, a forcefield or laser-canon for the paddle or a level-warp...

Level 1 of the Advanced Levelgroup (58 K)The game offers several 'Levelgroups', each can hold a great number of Levels. Each time you start a Levelgroup, you will start at the first Level but each Level has a password for direct access. And of course there is a Highscorelist for each Level.

ManiacBall LeveleditorThe unregistered version of ManiacBall contains 15 Levels, much more Levels are available after registering.And then there is the easy-to-use Leveleditor to create your own playfields.


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Latest version: v1.17



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The shareware fee for ManiacBall is 15 EUR which includes access to all available levelgroups!